Yoga in the Living Tradition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar

(Introductory Class & 10 Week Class Series)


‘Teach what is inside you. Not as it applies to you,

to yourself, but as it applies to the other.’

Yogacharya T Krishnamacharya


Every being is searching, longing for balance and harmony in life. Yoga provides the practices and disciplines, as well as the knowledge, to discover peace in all aspects of life, as well as understanding the choices that bring us equanimity.

The holistic science of yoga was restored to its glory in the early twentieth century by the unwavering tenacity and efforts of T Krishnamacharya, who preserved ancient wisdom and revived lost teachings of yoga. Krishnamacharya corrected the misunderstanding that yoga was mere exercises for physical fitness. Pioneering the adaptation of yoga techniques for therapeutic intervention, he unfolded the vast philosophy and discipline of yoga which stems from a well founded theoretical basis offering health, mental clarity and spiritual growth to any individual.

While there is a popular misconception that Yoga means practice of certain postures only, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali presents Yoga as a means to relieve one of suffering and pain. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra shares that it is the mind that causes one to suffer. The perception of an experience and our relationship to the experience is categorized as pleasant or unpleasant which intern can bind us through attachment or free us through clarity. It is the same mind that can be empowered by gradual refinement so that it remains in a state of attentive equipoise in any situation. Therein lies yoga’s immense potential.

The Yoga Sutra gives a multiplicity of tools including, but not limited to, Asana, Pranayama and Dyanam. This class provides an insight into the rich and varied dimensions of yoga, its value as a timeless and universal philosophy, and its practical relevance as taught in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar.

This class will introduce concepts unique to this tradition of teaching.

  • all are welcome
  • registration required
  • max 12 students (* gurukula classes are purposely small respecting tradition)
  • questions and registration via email:
  • Location: Studio 202 ~ For Inspired Living, 1761 Capilano Road, North Vancouver (

April 28 | 700pm – 815pm | Introductory class

April 29 – July 8 | 700am – 800am  | 10 Week Class Series (* no class July 1)

Yoga of Sound ~ The Discovery of Wholeness

(Introductory Class & 5 Week Class Series)


‘om sri gurubhyo namah harih om’

We bow in reverence to the entire sacred lineage of teachers.


Without exception, every being seeks harmony, peace and well being. We experience a sense of satisfaction, in relative measure, when we are in certain surroundings such as when we observe and spent time in nature. Yet in relationships, of all kinds and roles, we often feel constricted, hurting, wanting situations and people to be different from what is; we want to control so we can discover that harmony and peace which has disappeared.

I need to discover the fact that I am the harmony, the peace, the wholeness I seek. The world can be as it is. The world will be as it is. I am the problem and I am the solution. Yoga cultivates an attitude of acceptance, compassion, prayerfulness and care, through the appropriate application of the multitude of techniques. Clarity of the truth of one’s self is a discovery of wholeness.

One’s journey in yoga is a cultivation of refinement at all dimensions of the body-mind-sense complex system. Veda adhyayanam, or the chanting of the Vedas, fosters a process of self-inquiry developing inner clarity and refinement, purifying one’s body-mind-sense complex system. Mantras are specific prayers that have their origin in the Vedas. Vedic chanting, adhering to the traditional pedagogy, has multiple benefits such as enhancing health, improving memory and promoting healing, strengthening the mind, building courage and conviction, while blessing and protecting. These prayers are offered with the motive of obtaining grace for our emotional maturity and wisdom, not for mere material ends. When understood and employed with this attitude, one is blessed.

This series of classes is designed to give participants an orientation to the ancient tradition of chanting sacred Vedic mantras.

An introduction to the Yoga of Sound – Vedic Chanting.

  • all are welcome
  • registration required
  • max 15 students (* gurukula classes are purposely small respecting tradition)
  • questions and registration via email:
  • Location: Studio 202 ~ For Inspired Living, 1761 Capilano Road, North Vancouver (

May 27 | 815am – 915am | Studio 202 – Anniversary – Introductory Class

June 3 – July 8 | 815am – 915am | 5 Week Class Series (* no class July 1)

Devi Sadhana ~ Nurturing Care and Inner Harmony with Ayurveda 

(Three Class Series)

‘om sri devi ma’

We bow in reverence to the Divine Mother.


Living a prayerful life, being a friend to one’s self, growing through perceived adversities, honours the way of the sacred feminine, the power of saktih. From time immemorial, women have come together to care for and support each other, and in so doing, nurtured and sustained all of life. Restless and without trust, woman turned away from her primordial nature of steadfast nobility, power and grace. Seeking nurturance and love, woman needs to discover she is the nurturer and the nurtured, the lover and the loved. Ayurveda’s innumerable gems safeguard and cherish woman through the rhythms of her life.

Join this woman’s circle exploring experiential practices and disciplines relevant for practical application, in an accessible manner for you and your family.

  • woman only
  • registration required
  • max 18 students (* gurukula classes are purposely small respecting tradition)
  • first 10 registrants will receive copies of two study texts
  • questions and registration via email:
  • Location: Studio 202 ~ For Inspired Living, 1761 Capilano Road, North Vancouver (

May 28, June 25, July 9 | 100pm – 300pm | Ayurveda Series for Woman