Jennifer provided loving care to my parents at a time when my whole family was in turmoil. She was there for my father two days before he died. She caught the words he spoke that I could not bear to hear and gave him reassurance. When I think of my father’s passing I have remorse about some of his care providers, but I am so relieved to remember Jennifer’s presence in my parents home. She was a bright light shining through those dark moments.Although my father passed away a few months ago, I still have Jennifer’s voice mail on my phone. It is a physical loving hug, but in electronic voice form. Jennifer’s loving kindness has transcended the barriers of distance and time for me. Again, I thank-you Jennifer. I will always remember your loving kindness. You are a healer from the heart.  Laurie Borne, Vancouver CA

Jennifer is someone who is profoundly present in each moment – so much so that one is able to go through a transformation just by being in her presence – to experience Jennifer is to come close to being able to experience yourself. She has deeply affected the awareness I have both of the world and of my interaction with that world. Jennifer has so fully accepted herself that when she listens, it is though she is able to absorb all those aspects of yourself that were either consciously or unconsciously holding your back. Added to which, she has a wonderful sense of humour and a keen sense of intuition that allows her to see what lies behind the words that you choose to present yourself with. Her bright light of awareness and deep sense of compassion allows you to feel safe to freely speak your deepest truth. It has been a true gift of life to allow me to receive teachings from Jennifer for which I have a great sense of gratitude and thanks. Lucy Crisfield, London UK

I attended prenatal classes with Jennifer in the spring/summer of 2006, when I was pregnant with my second child. Her yoga sessions were filled with such relaxing energy. The wisdom she brought to each class was refreshing. I remember feeling like I didn’t want the sessions to end…she taught me to listen to my body and connect with my inner core. I also felt such a connection to my baby during her classes because she was fully aware of how important the yoga practice was to our unborn children…a time to bond with them! I also had the opportunity to have an Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga). This is unlike any other massage I’ve experienced. The soothing hot oils she used were so tranquil but at the same time invigorating. Her touch was therapeutic and calming. Her knowledge was so vast and I felt so taken care of during the session. Jennifer is a wonderful practitioner and human being. Her eagerness to learn and share her expertise is priceless! Clara Campedelli, Vancouver CA

I have known Jennifer for a long time and during that time I have found her to be very committed, dedicated, hard working and caring. She has been very honest, open, trusting and confident with a happy, positive outlook on life. When Jennifer sets upon a task she monitors the progress and follows it through to make sure that it does get done properly. One incident that really touched me deeply is when she discovered a very young puppy  (in India) which was sick and in a bad physical state. She cleaned up the puppy, bought milk for it, called a vet (who treated the puppy) then time and time again, even late at night, she would go to take care of the puppy and feed it. As she knew that she had to leave India, she found a family which had a dog and she arranged for that family to take the puppy into their home. She then would visit the family to see that the puppy was cared for. I am grateful for the dear friendship I share with Jennifer. John (Jagadisha) Mied Sydney, AU

Happy to endorse Jennifer as extremely reliable, professional and accurate teacher. Very pleasant and giving person to. Happy to be with. Thank you Jennifer! Alexei Sozonov, Samara RU